Infrastructure Menu Bar

This section presents the main menu bar available when you run the application and before creating or opening a document.


Start ENOVIA V5 File Edit View Insert Tools Analyze Window Help



The Start menu is a navigation tool intended to help you toggle between different workbenches. The contents of the Start menu vary according to the configurations and/or products installed. For more information about the Start menu, refer to Accessing the Navigation Tools.



For... See...
New... Creating New Documents
New from... Creating a New Document from an Existing One
Open... Opening Existing Documents
Close Closing Documents
Save Saving Existing Documents
Save As Saving Documents For the First Time or Under Another Name
Saving Documents In Other Formats
Save All Saving All Documents
Save Management Managing Document Save
Print... Customizing Print Settings Before Printing Your Documents
Printer Setup... Setting Up Your Printers on UNIX and Windows
Desk... Using the FileDesk Workbench
Send To Transferring Version 5 Data
Document Properties Displaying Document Properties



For... See...
Undo Undoing Actions
Redo/Repeat Redoing and Repeating Actions
Cut Cutting and Pasting Objects 
Copy Copying and Pasting Objects
Paste Cutting and Pasting Objects
Copying and Pasting Objects
Paste Special... Using the Paste Special... command
Delete Deleting Objects
Search... Selecting Using the Search... Command
Selection Sets... Storing Selections Using Selection Sets
Selection Sets Edition... Editing Selection Sets
Find Owning Selection Sets... Storing Selections Using Selection Sets
Links... Editing Document Links
Properties Displaying and Editing Graphic Properties
Other Selection... Selecting Using the Other Selections... Command



For... See...
Toolbars Viewing and Hiding Toolbars
Commands List...  Viewing the Commands List
Geometry Setting Document Window Layout Preferences
Specifications Setting Document Window Layout Preferences
Compass About the 3D Compass
Reset Compass Manipulating Objects Using the Mouse and Compass
Tree Expansion Expanding and Collapsing the Spec Tree
Specifications Overview Using the Overview on the Specification Tree
Geometry Overview Using the Geometry Overview
Fit All In Fitting All Geometry in the Geometry Area
Zoom Area Zooming In On An Area
Zoom In Out Zooming In
Zooming Out
Pan Panning
Rotate Rotating
Modify > Look At Looking At Objects
Modify > Turn Head, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Normal View Turning Your Head To View An Object
Zooming In
Zooming Out
Viewing Along a Normal to a Plane
Named Views... Using Standard and User-Defined Views
Render Style Using Rendering Styles
Navigation Mode Navigating
Lighting... Setting Lighting Effects
Depth Effect... Setting Depth Effects
Ground Viewing Objects against the Ground
Magnifier... Magnifying
Hide/Show Hiding and Showing Objects
Full Screen Using the Full Screen



For... See...
Formula... Using Knowledgeware Capabilities
Image Capturing and Managing Images for the Album
Macro Recording, Running and Editing Macros
Utility... Using the Batch Monitor
Customize... Customizing Toolbars
Visualization Filters... Using Visualization Filters
Options... Customizing Settings
Standards... Customizing Standards
Conferencing Conferencing



For... See...
New Window Using Document Windows
Tile Horizontally Using Document Windows
Tile Vertically Using Document Windows
Cascade Using Document Windows



For... See...
CATIA V5 Help Getting Contextual Help
CATIA User Companion
Contents, Index and Search Accessing the Online Help Library
What's This? Using the What's This? Command
User Galaxy Accessing the Dassault Systèmes User Galaxy
About CATIA V5 Displaying Copyright Information