Repeating Objects

This task shows how to create several instances of objects as you are currently creating one object.
This command is available for:
  1. Select an object, as listed above.

  2. Click Object Repetition or select Insert > Advanced Replication Tools > Object Repetition... from the menu bar.

    The Object Repetition dialog box is displayed.
  3. Key in the number of instances of the object you wish to create.

  4. Check Create in a new Body if you want all object instances in a separate body.

    A new geometrical set or ordered geometrical set will be created automatically, depending on the type of body the points or planes to be repeated belong to.
    In case an ordered geometrical set is created, it is considered as private: it means that you cannot perform any modification on its elements (deleting, adding, reordering, etc., is forbidden).
    If the option is not checked, the instances are created in the current body.
  5. Click OK.

    The object is created as many times as required in the Object Repetition dialog box.
    See each specific object creation for further details on what parameter is taken into account for the repetition.
    • Selecting sub-elements of a feature (i.e. edges or faces) or of an axis system (i.e. xy plane) is not allowed.

    • You cannot activate both Repeat and Datum modes at the same
      time. For instance, if you want to perform a translation using both
      modes, first create the repeated instances then transform them
      into datum features.