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Getting Started

Accessing the Workbench

Creating the Bundle

Selecting Systems with External Data

Routing Wires from External Data

User Tasks

Starting with Electrical Wire Routing

Creating the Session

Creating an Electrical Bundle


Working with External Data

Selecting Systems

Automatically Routing Wires and Wire Groups

Automatically Routing Equipotentials

Computing Bundle Segment Diameter

Working with Electrical Functional Definition

Selecting the Signal

Manually Creating Wires

Automatically Routing Wires

Modifying a Wire Route

Deleting a Wire

Working with Signal Routes

Reconciling Objects

Creating a Signal Route

Deleting a Signal Route

Working with Wire Connections

Manually Creating a Wire Connection

Moving a Wire Connection

Deleting a Wire Connection

Merging Wire Connections

Splitting a Wire Connection

Accessing Data From Catalog Using Electrical Library

Getting Wire References

Resolving Internal Splices

Exporting Wires and Wire Groups

Managing the Wire Extremities

Simulating the Routing

Using the Network Assistant

Managing Signal Compatibility with Knowledgeware

Filtering Wires Based on External Configuration System

Editing Electrical Properties

Viewing Related Objects

Electrical and Knowledge

Electrical User Functions

Electrical Package in Knowledge Expert

Electrical Integration from External Data

Environment Settings

Setting up the Electrical Process Interfacing

Selecting Systems from External Data

Placing Devices from External Data

Creating the Cable Harness

Placing Internal Splices

Automatic Routing

Exporting Data from CATIA


ENOVIA V5 Interoperability Using VPM Navigator

Working with Electrical Data

Optimal CATIA PLM Usability

Updating the Bundle Segment-to-Support Link

Using ENOVIA Catalogs for Electrical Mapping

Loading an iXF Document with VPM Navigator

Workbench Description

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Specification Tree

Electrical Workbench Specification Tree


Electrical Wire Routing

Electrical Mapping

Electrical Process Interfacing

Using Compatibility Table

Cache Management

Electrical Data Exchange Format

Describing the iXF Electrical Schema

Considering the iXF Schema in Greater Depth