Creating an Electrical Bundle  

This task shows you how to create an electrical bundle.
A bundle or electrical bundle is a document containing wires.
  1. Click New Bundle .

    The New Bundle dialog box opens:
  2. Change the bundle name if needed.

  3. Select in the specification tree one or more geometrical bundles you want to be connected to the new bundle: GeometricalBundle1 (Power A)

  4. Click OK to validate.

  5. Repeat these steps to create the second electrical bundle connected to GeometricalBundle2 (Power B).

    The new bundles are automatically created under the active product.
    They are added to the specification tree.

An electrical  bundle is associated to a geometrical bundle by the wires it contains.
aprereq.gif (1231 bytes) If the geometry is not loaded, check the Product Structure settings.
An alternative to display the geometry is to choose the Representations > Activate Terminal Node item. Right-click Product1 to use the contextual menu or select Edit > Representations.