Electrical Process Interfacing  

This document lets you define the options to take advantage of external data from partners, through XML files or from CAA V5 APIs, retrieving information from legacy databases.

This tab shows:

External Data Interfacing

Enable External System Interfacing

If this option is selected, you can use external data. If not you can only work with CATIA data.

By default, this option is selected.

Electrical iXF Data Repository

System repository

Identify the folder path in which the XML files available are stored.
To do so, use this button to locate the iXF systems repository.

By default, this option is cleared.

Electrical Working Catalog

Catalog path

The catalog path is displayed in this frame. However, it is defined in the Electrical Mapping tab.

  • Select the Electrical Mapping tab to select the working catalog using the Browse button .
  • Locate the catalog containing the V5 parts, whose Part Number attributes are referred to in the XML files.

By default, this option is cleared.

Identifier Management

Instance Name

Select this option so that the Instance Name will be taken into account instead of the Reference Designator to insure the mapping between 3D objects and external system's objects.

By default, this option is cleared.

It is also necessary to define the electrical object mapping regarding the working catalog.
To do so, select the Electrical Mapping tab.

Refer to the Customizing - Equipment & Systems - Electrical Mapping documentation.

When working with Electrical 3D Design and Documentation workbenches, please refer to the Customizing section of this user's guide for information about P1 options in the Electrical Process Interfacing tab page.