Manually Creating a Wire Connection

This task shows you how create a connection between several wires.
This command is deactivated when working with external data.
Create the electrical bundles
  1. Select Signal-A1.B1.C1 in the signal list .

  2. Create two wires sharing a common extremity.

  3. Click New Wire Connection .

  4. Select Wire1 then Wire2 in the specification tree.

    The Selection dialog box opens.
  5. Enter the name of this connection: Cnx1.

  6. Click OK to validate.
    The wire connection has been created and the wires computed.

    The Wire Connection has been added to the specification tree.

    Basic checks are performed during the creation:
    for example, two different signals cannot be linked.
This functionality is also available on bundle networks created with CATIA-ELW Electrical Wire Bundle Installation Version 4.