Manually Creating Wires

This task shows you how to create wires.
It also explains how:
ainfo.gif (980 bytes) Electrical wires are created into an electrical bundle that realizes a functional signal.
In this section, you will work with bundles created using CATIA V5.

Working with signal routes for space reservation networks created with CATIA - Systems Space Reservation is discussed later.

aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) This command is deactivated when working with external data.
  1. Select the Signal-A1.B1.C1 in the Signal list box.

  2. Click New Wire .
    You are prompted to select the segments to map out the wire route.

  3. Click the following segments:

    The Selection dialog box is displayed.

    As soon as a segment is selected, the window is updated.

  4. Enter a name for the wire: Wire1 

  5. Click OK to validate.

    The wire has been created under the electrical bundle and added to the specification tree:

How are Wires Distributed in Bundle Segments?

The wires are created in the correct harness according to the relationship defined between the geometrical bundle and the electrical bundle. The wires are interrupted at the interconnections and linked to mating connectors if necessary.

How is the V5 Bundle Segment Diameter Recomputed?

The bundle segment diameter is recomputed according to the wires it contains.
Consequently the geometry is updated.

By default, the diameter is computed as follows:

 Number of Wires  Bundle Segment Diameter
N = 0 no change
N = 1 wire diameter
N = 2 or 3 2 * Max
N = 4 and above (1 + 2*((N - 1)/3)1/2) * Max

where Max is the largest wire diameter

Automatic Wire Resolution

When the signal is defined in Electrical System Functional Design (EFD) workbench, if the Nominal PartNumber property is valuated, the wire will be automatically resolved at the time of wire creation (or during routing if routed automatically): the part number is taken into account to get the correct information from the catalog.
The signal properties dialog box shows the following values:
When the wires are created, the specification tree looks like this:

How are Wire Extremities Connected according to the Signal Definition

  • Wires are always created in the correct bundle: using the signal definition to get the functional extremities, then the physical extremities, and the geometrical bundle may be deduced. Since the electrical bundle has been defined through its links to the geometrical bundle(s), it's now possible to create the wires in the correct electrical bundle.

  • Wire extremities are automatically connected to the electrical terminations if it corresponds to the signal extremity.

  • Wire extremities are automatically connected to the wire connection if one exists as an extremity in the signal.

However, when a signal extremity is an item of equipment with mating connectors, the connection is done on the mating connectors. See the example using the automating routing.

ainfo.gif (980 bytes) You can still create wires in a bundle network created with CATIA-ELW Electrical Wire Bundle Installation Version 4.