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This chapter describes the menus available in Quick Surface Reconstruction. Other menus are documented in the Infrastructure User's Guide.

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  Starts Quick Surface Reconstruction Workbench


    Body...   Inserting a New Body
  Body in a Set...   Inserting a Body into an Ordered Geometrical Set
  Geometrical set...   Managing Geometrical Sets
  Ordered Geometrical Set...   Managing Ordered Geometrical Sets
  Cloud Edition   Cloud Edition
  Scan Creation   Scan Creation
  Curve Creation   Curve Creation
  Domain Creation   Domain Creation
  Surface Creation   Surface Creation
  Operations   Operations
  Transformations   Transformations
  Segmentation   Segmentation
  Analysis   Analysis
    Deviation Check   Deviation Check
    WireFrame   WireFrame

Cloud Edition

    Activate   Activating a Portion of a Cloud

Scan Creation

  Curve Projection Projecting Curves
  Planar Sections   Creating Planar Sections
Free Edges Creating Free Edges

Curve Creation

  3D Curve   Creating Associative 3D Curves and
Creating Associative 3D Curves on Scans
Curve on Mesh Creating a Curve on Mesh
Curve from Scan Creating Curves from Scans
Sketch from Scan Creating a Sketch from Scan
Intersection Creating Intersections
Projection Creating Projections

Domain Creation

    Clean Contour   Creating a Clean Contour
  Curves Network   Creating a Network of Curves

Surface Creation

    Basic Surface Recognition   Recovering Basic Surfaces
    Power Fit   Creating Surfaces with PowerFit
  Multi-sections Surface Creating Multi-sections Surfaces
  Surfaces Network Creating a Network of Surfaces
  Automatic Surface Creating a Surface Automatically from a Mesh


    Join   Joining Surfaces or Curves
  Extrapolate   Extrapolating Surfaces
  Split   Splitting Geometry
  Trim   Trimming Geometry
  Curves Slice   Slicing curves
  Adjust Nodes   Adjust Nodes
  Split CleanContour   Splitting CleanContour
Edge Fillet   Creating Edge Fillets


    Translate   Translating Geometry
  Rotate   Rotating Geometry
Scale Transforming Geometry by Scaling
  Symmetry   Performing a Symmetry on Geometry
Affinity Transforming Geometry by Affinity
  Axis To Axis   Transforming Elements from an Axis to Another


    Segmentation by Curvature   Defining Areas by Curvature Segmentation
Segmentation by Slope Defining Areas by Slope Segmentation


  Information Displaying Information
  Deviation Analysis   Performing a Deviation Analysis
Porcupine Analysis Performing a Curvature Analysis
  Connect Checker   Selecting Connections Between Surfaces

Deviation Check

  Annotation Set   Creating Annotation Sets and Annotations
  Annotation   Creating Annotation Sets and Annotations
  Deviation Report   Creating Deviation Reports


    Point   Creating Points
  Line   Creating Lines
  Plane   Creating Planes
  Circle   Creating Circle


    Cloud Display Options   Display Options and Graphic Properties