Creating Curves from Scans

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This task shows how to create curves from a scan or a set of scans.

The Curve from Scans action tries to create curves

  • with the defined tolerance,
  • with the least possible  number of segments of the least possible order.

The Curve from Scans action proposes a dynamic definition of split points.

  More information is available in Parameters for Curve from Scan.
aprereq.gif (1231 bytes) Open the CurveFromScan.CATPart model from the samples directory.

For a better understanding, some images below show only one scan.

ascenari.gif (1376 bytes)


  1. Click Curve from Scan and select a set of scans. 
    The Curve from Scan dialog box is displayed. 

    The scan is displayed in the "Polyline+Point" mode with the current graphic symbol.
    By default, the end points are fixed.

  • Scan modifications are not dynamic.
    Click Apply to take new parameter values into account.
  • The scans can be selected in the specification tree.
  1. Click Smoothing.

  2. Click Apply. A temporary curve is displayed in white, indicating the tolerance is met.

  3. Change the Split Angle value to 60. A Split point is automatically inserted at the angle.

  4. In the dialog box, click icon to display the curvature analysis:

  5. Release and now click to display the maximum deviation
    and to display the order and the number of segments:

  6. Click OK to exit the action and create the curve(s).
    Curve.x elements are created in the specification tree. The segmentation display is erased.


end of task