Creating a Curve on Mesh

This task will show you how to create a curve totally lying on a mesh:
  • you will pick points on the mesh
    (picking non-existing points or features other than the support mesh is not allowed),
  • you can change the view orientation while creating the curve,
  • the mesh can be a multi-cells mesh,
  • you can control the continuity of the Curve on Mesh,
  • you can create a multi-cells Curve on Mesh,
  • you can create a closed Curve on Mesh,
  • some graphical and statistical information are available during creation,
  • the output 3D curves on mesh are features, hence they are associative and editable.
Open the FreeEdges1.CATPart model the from the samples directory.



  1. Click Curve on Mesh .
    The Curve on Mesh dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the mesh that will support the curve.
    Multi-selection is not allowed but the mesh can be a multi-cells mesh.
    Its name is displayed in the dialog box and the rest of the dialog box becomes active.

  3. Pick points on the mesh to create the curve:

  4. The points you pick are the split points of the curve. They are projected on the mesh, along the view direction. Intermediate points are automatically computed between each couple of split points, and the resulting scan is smoothed to create the curve.
    You can adjust the Tolerance of smoothing, as well as the maximum order (Max. Order) and maximum number of segments (Max. Segments) of the curve.

  5. Click OK to create the curve and exit the dialog box.