Activating a Portion of a Cloud of Points

task target This task shows how to select a portion of a cloud of points or of mesh in order to create a work area,
  • by picking directly elements of the cloud (points, scans, grids, cells, clouds) or
  • by defining a portion of the cloud or mesh with a 2D or 3D trap,
  • by moving a brush over a portion of a mesh.
The free edges displayed are those of the complete mesh:
  • if you activate only a portion of a mesh, the free edges of that portion are not displayed.

aprereq.gif (1231 bytes) Open the Cloud.CATPart model the from the samples directory.
Click here for more information on the dialog box.
ascenari.gif (1376 bytes)
  1. Click Activate I_CloudTrapVisuP2.gif (1718 bytes) and select the mesh.
    The Activate dialog box is displayed. 

  2. Draw a rectangle by dragging the mouse over the portion you want to select.

  3. As you release the mouse, the triangles selected are highlighted in red.
    When you move the mouse over one corner of the rectangle, dimensioning arrows are displayed, enabling you to resize the rectangle.

  4. Click Validate Trap (now available) and draw a second rectangle.
    Click Validate Trap again.

  5. Click Swap. The selection is inverted.

  6. Click OK to validate and exit the action.

end of task