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Entering the Aerospace SheetMetal Design Workbench

Defining the Aerospace SheetMetal Parameters

Creating a Web from a Sketch

Creating a Surfacic Flange on a Web

Creating a Cutout with a Sketch

Extracting Drawings from the Aerospace SheetMetal Design Part

User Tasks

Managing the Default Parameters

Editing the Sheet and Tool Parameters

Computing the Bend Allowance

Defining the Compensations

Creating a Web

Creating a Surfacic Flange

Creating a Joggle

Creating Swept Walls

Creating a Flange

Creating a Hem

Creating a Tear Drop

Creating a User Flange


Folded/Unfolded View Access

Concurrent Access

Deactivating Views

Creating a CutOut

Creating a Circular Cutout

Creating a Hole

Creating Stamping Features

Creating a Flanged Hole

Creating a Bead

Creating a Circular Stamp

Creating a Surface Stamp

Creating a Flanged Cutout

Creating a Stiffening Rib

Creating a Curve Stamp

Creating User-Defined Stamping Features

Creating a Punch with a Die

Creating a Punch with Opening Faces

Editing User-Defined Stamps

Creating a Local Corner Relief

Creating Constraints

Mapping Elements

Creating Corners

Creating Chamfers


Creating Rectangular Patterns

Creating Circular Patterns

Creating User-Defined Patterns

Reference Elements

Creating Points

Creating Lines

Creating Planes

Displaying Characteristic Curves

Looking For Aerospace SheetMetal Features

Browsing the Sheetmetal Catalog

Integration With Part Design

Integration with Generative Drafting

Interoperability with Knowledge Expert

Aerospace Sheet Metal Design Package

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Aerospace SheetMetal Toolbar

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Customizing Settings



Customizing Standards Files to Define Design Tables

Customizing Standards Files to Define Methods for Compensations

Administration Tasks

What You Need to Know About Standards

Administering Standards

Before You Begin Setting Standard Parameters

Setting Standard Parameters