Creating a Stiffening Rib

This task shows you how to create a stiffness rib by specifying the punch geometrical parameters.

Open the NEWStamping7.CATPart document from the samples directory.

  If you use the Aerospace SheetMetal Design workbench, open the Aero_Stamping7.CATPart document.
  1. Click Stiffening Rib .

  2. Select the external surface of Flange.1, where you want to place a stiffener.

    Note that the stiffener will always be centered on the bend radius, wherever the point may be along the curve.
    A grid is displayed.
    The Stiffening Rib Definition dialog box opens, providing default values.
  3. Change the value in the different fields, if needed:

    • Length L

    • Radius R1

    • Radius R2

    • Angle A

  4. Click Preview to visualize the stiffness rib.

  5. Click OK to validate.

    The stiffening rib (identified as Stiffnening is created and the specification tree is updated accordingly.
    You can use 0 as the Radius value to deactivate the Radius R1 value, and to create the stiffening rib without a fillet.
    Please refer to the Customizing Standard Files chapter to define the Standards Files.