Editing User-Defined Stamps

This task explains how to edit a user-defined stamp, that is:
  • to change its type
  • add or remove cutting and opening faces 

To perform this scenario, you can open any .CATPart document containing a user-defined stamp.

  1. Double-click the existing user-defined stamp from the specification tree.

    The User Defined Stamp Definition dialog box is displayed.
  2. Change stamp type using the icons:

    • If you change from With die to With opening, the Die feature no longer is selected, and you need to select Faces for opening.

    • If you change from With opening to With die, the punch faces no longer are selected and you may select a die feature if you wish (it is not compulsory).

      Basically, only the punch remains selected.
      If you are working with a punch with opening faces (With opening option) you may want to add or remove some opening faces:
  3. Click in the Faces for opening field then:

    • select a face in the geometry to add it to the already selected opening faces

    • select an already selected face to remove it from the opening faces

    • use the Clear selection contextual menu to remove all opening faces that have been previously selected.

  4. Modify any other parameter as needed.

  5. Click OK in the User Defined Stamp Definition dialog box to take these modifications into account.

    The stamp is updated accordingly.