Creating a Circular Stamp

This task shows you how to create a circular stamp by specifying the punch geometrical parameters.

Open the NEWStamping.CATPart document from the samples directory.
If you use the Aerospace SheetMetal Design workbench, open the Aero_Stamping.CATPart document.


  1. Click Circular Stamp .

  2. Click the surface where you want to place the circular stamp. 

    A grid is displayed to help you position the circular stamp.
    The Circular Stamp Definition dialog box opens, providing default values.
  3. Choose the diameter that should be dimensioned from the Parameters choice list:

    • Major Diameter

    • Minor Diameter

    • Two Diameters (major and minor diameters)

    • Punch & Die

  4. Change the value in the different fields, if needed:

    • Height H: use the icon next to the field to specify the reference from which the height is defined: or .

    • Radius R1

    • Radius R2

    • Angle A

    • Diameter D

  5. Click Preview to visualize the circular stamp.

  6. Click OK to validate.

    The circular stamp (identified as Circular is created and the specification tree is updated accordingly.
    To create the point stamp without a fillet, unselect the Radius R1 and Radius R2 checkbox in the Circular Stamp Definition dialog box.

    Please refer to the Customizing Standard Files chapter to define the Standards Files.