Creating a Cutout with a Sketch

In this task, you will learn how to:
  • open a sketch on an existing face
  • define a profile on the face in order to create a cutout.

You can create a cutout defined either by a sketch or an open geometry. 

The surfacic flange is still open from the previous task.

  1. Select the surface from the geometry area to define the working plane.

  2. Click Sketcher .

  3. Click Elongated Hole to create the contour.

    To access the oblong profile, click the black triangle on the Rectangle icon. It displays a secondary toolbar.
  4. Click to create the first point and drag the cursor.

  5. Click to create the second point. The first semi-axis of the profile is created.

  6. Drag the cursor and click to create the third point. The second semi-axis is created and the oblong profile is displayed.

  7. Click Exit workbench to return to the 3D world.

  8. Click CutOut .

    The CutOut Definition dialog box is displayed
  9. Select the sketch.

    A cutout is previewed with default parameters.

    The vectors show the side and the direction of the cutout.

  10. Select the Dimension type to define the limit of your cutout.

  11. Click OK.