Creating a Web from a Sketch

This section explains how to create a web.

The web is the main feature of an Aerospace Sheetmetal Design part: there is always one (and only one) web.

  1. Click Sketcher .

  2. Select the xy plane.

  3. Click Rectangle in the Profile toolbar to create the profile of the web.

  4. Click to create the first point and drag the cursor.

  5. Click to create the second point: the rectangle profile is displayed.

  6. Click Exit workbench to return to the 3D world.

  7. Click Web .

    The Web definition dialog box is displayed.
  8. Select the sketch you just created as the support of the web.

    A preview of the web appears.
  9. Click OK to create the web.

    Here is the web.
    You can click Sketcher to edit the sketch.