Looking For Aerospace SheetMetal Features

This task shows how to use the Search capabilities on Aerospace SheetMetal Features, in order to detect any specific kind of feature.

Open the PowerCopyStart.CATPart document.

  1. Select the Edit -> Search menu item.

    The Search dialog box is displayed.

  1. From the Type Workbench list choose Sheet Metal.
    You can then display the list of Aerospace Sheet Metal Design features from the Type list:

  2. Select the type of feature you wish to find within the open .CATPart document.
    Here we chose Joggle.

  3. Click the Search button.
    The list of all elements of the selected type is displayed in the Objects found field:

    You can select an element from the list, it will be highlighted in the geometry area.
    To find out more on the search capabilities, refer to Selecting Using the Search... Command (General Mode) and Selecting Using the Search... Command (Favorites and Advanced Modes) from the Infrastructure User's Guide.