Browsing the SheetMetal Catalog

This task explains how to browse the SheetMetal catalog and instantiate its components. The catalog lets you store the available profiles, therefore providing a method to position the profile in the part. 
This command is available with the CutOut and the Corner Relief functionalities.

Let's take an example with the CutOut functionality.

For more information on catalogs, refer to the Component Catalog Editor User's Guide.

Open the CutOut1.CATPart document.

  1. Once in the CutOut Definition dialog box, click Catalog .

  2. Double-click a family from the list to display its components.

    Here we chose the UserFeature_Family.
  3. Click a component to see its preview.

    Here we chose Slot_Contour.

  4. Click the Table>> button to show/hide the catalog descriptions and keywords. By default, the table is hidden.

  5. Instantiate the component by double-clicking it.

  6. Select the required inputs: plane, point, and axis.

    The Insert Object dialog box is displayed.
  7. Click Preview to see the resulting profile in the 3D geometry.

  8. Click OK in the Insert dialog box.

    The selected profile appears in the Selection field.
  9. Click OK.

    The created element (identified as is added to the specification tree.
    You may need to reverse the direction of the cutout to create it.
    Once the profile is instantiated in the default catalog, its path is automatically set in the Standard Profiles Catalog Files field. See Customizing Settings in the Customizing chapter.
    A new panel now allows you to select alternate document access methods.
    See Opening Existing Documents Using the Browse Panel in CATIA Infrastructure User Guide.