Integration With Part Design

You can open the Integration1.CATPart document.

In a CATPart document, you may have Part Design features and Aerospace Sheet Metal features according to the following rules:
  • Part Design features can be created before Aerospace Sheet Metal features.
  • a Part Design feature can also be created after Aerospace Sheet Metal features as long as the part is in folded view.
  • in the unfolded view, the Part Design feature will not be displayed.
  • it is no longer possible to create Aerospace Sheet Metal features after this last Part Design feature in folded view.
  1. Create a web and a flange.

  2. Switch to Part Design workbench.

  3. Launch the Sketcher and draw an oblique line in the yz plane.

  4. Click Stiffener .

  5. Switch to the Aerospace Sheet Metal workbench.

  6. Click Fold/Unfold .

    The stiffener is not displayed on the unfolded view.
    To add a new Aerospace Sheet Metal feature, select the Flange for example and right-click the Define In Work Object item.
      The new Aerospace  Sheet Metal feature will be added after the Flange but before the Stiffener.