Concurrent Access  

This functionality is P2 for SheetMetal Design and Generative SheetMetal Design.

This task explains how to display the sheet metal part in two windows: one with the folded view, one with the unfolded view. Any modification in one window is displayed in the other window.

To perform this scenario, you can open any sheet metal sample provided in this user's guide.

  1. Click Multi Viewer .

    The part is unfolded in a second window.

  2. Select Window > Tile Horizontally.

    Both windows are tiled. Activate the window in which you want to work.

    • Any modification in one view is taken into account in the other view enabling the user to make modifications in the best possible context.
    • In the multi-view mode as in the standard unfolded view, all constraints are displayed in the geometrical views.
    The Multi-view function is not available from a standard unfolded view.