Deactivating Views  

This task shows how to deactivate views so that only the folded view or the flat view is computed.

To perform this scenario, you can open any sheet metal sample provided in this user's guide. Make sure the part is folded.

  1. In the specification tree, right-click the PartBody feature.

  2. From the contextual menu, select PartBody object > Views.

    Click Views Management .
    The Views dialog box is displayed. You can see that 3D view (i.e. folded view) is the current view: this means that the part is currently folded.
  3. Select flat view.

  4. You have two options:

    • Click the Current button to make the flat view current: this unfolds the part.

    • Click the Deactivate button to deactivate the flat view: this makes it impossible to unfold the part. Since only the folded view is computed, the part will take less time to load.

  5. If you then try to unfold the part, a message appears, indicating that the unfolded view is inactive. You can reactivate the flat view by repeating steps 1 to 3 and then clicking the Activate button.

    The scenario described above is also available with unfolded views:

    • you can make the folded view current by selecting 3D view in the Views dialog box and clicking the Current button.

    • you can deactivate the folded view by selecting 3D view in the Views dialog box and clicking the Deactivate button.