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This chapter describes the menus available in Digitized Shape Processor.
Other menus are documented in the Infrastructure User's Guide.


Start SmarTeam File Edit View Insert Tools Windows Help



      Starts the Digitized
Shape Editor Workbench


  For   See
  Toolbars   Creation Toolbars
        For the other menu items,
please refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.


      Body...   Inserting a New Body
  Body in a Set...   Inserting a Body into an Ordered Geometrical Set
Geometrical set...   Managing Geometrical Sets
  Ordered Geometrical Set...   Managing Ordered Geometrical Sets
  Import   Importing Files
  Export   Exporting Cloud of Points
  Cloud Edition   Cloud Edition
  Reposit   Reposit
  Mesh   Mesh
  Operations   Operations
  Scan Creation   Scan Creation
  Curve Creation   Curve Creation
  Analysis   Analysis
  Transformations Transformations
WireFrame WireFrame

Cloud Edition

      Activate   Activating a Portion of
a Cloud
  Filter   Homogeneous Filtering or Adaptive Filtering
  Point   Removing Elements from a Cloud of Points
  Protect   Protecting Characteristic Lines


      Align using the compass   Aligning using the Compass
    Align by Best Fit   Aligning by Best Fit
  Align with Constraints   Aligning a Cloud with Constraints
  Align with RPS   Aligning with RPS
  Align using Spheres   Aligning Clouds using Spheres
  Align with Previous Transformation   Use Align Transformation


      Mesh Creation   Creating a Mesh
  Mesh Offset   Offsetting a Mesh
  Rough Offset   Creating a Rough Offset
  Flip Edges   Flipping Edges
  Mesh Smoothing   Smoothing Meshes
  Mesh Cleaner Cleaning a Mesh
Fill Holes Filling Holes on Meshes
Interactive Triangle Creation   Creating Triangles Interactively
  Decimate   Decimating Meshes
  Optimize   Optimizing Meshes





    Merge Clouds   Merging Clouds of Points
  Merge Meshes   Merging Meshes
  Split Splitting Meshes
Trim/Split Trimming or Splitting a Mesh
      Projection on Plane   Projecting a Mesh on a Plane

Scan Creation

      Curve Projection   Projecting Curves
  Planar Sections   Cutting a Cloud of Points or
a Polygon by Planar Sections
  Scan on Cloud   Creating Scans
  Free Edges   Creating Free Edges

Curve Creation

    3D Curve   3D Curve or 3D Curve on Scans
  Curve on Mesh   Creating a Curve on Mesh
  Curve from Scans   Creating Curves from Scans


    Information Displaying Information
  Deviation Analysis   Performing a Deviation Analysis


      Translate   Translating Geometry
  Rotate   Rotating Geometry
  Symmetry   Performing a Symmetry on Geometry
  Scaling   Transforming Geometry by Scaling
  Affinity   Transforming Geometry by Affinity
  Axis to Axis   Transforming Elements from an
Axis to Another


      Point   Creating Points
    Line   Creating Lines
    Plane   Creating Planes
    Circle   Creating Circle

For the other menu items, please refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.