Merging Meshes

task target This task shows how to merge two meshes.
This action is useful especially for meshes resulting from a constrained mesh:
it removes the seam created by the constrained mesh. 
This action does not modify the triangles of the meshes (holes are not filled, no management of overlaps, ...).
For a good result, repair the meshes first, using constrained meshing, fill hole action, .... 
aprereq.gif (1231 bytes) Open the MergeMeshes1.CATPart model from the samples directory.
It consists of two meshes, the smallest resulting from a constrained meshing.
  1. Click Merge Meshes . The Meshes Merge dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the meshes you want to merge. The list in the dialog box is updated.

  3. To remove a mesh from the list of meshes to merge, make its name active in the list and
    click Remove.

  4. To replace a mesh in the list of meshes to merge, remove it, then select a new mesh.

  5. Once you have selected all meshes to be merged, click OK.
    A new single-cell mesh is created in the specification tree under the name Meshes Merge.x.

end of task