Removing Elements from a Cloud of Points

This task shows you how to remove a elements from a cloud or a mesh.
  • The deleted elements are those that appear in red during selection.
  • By default, the trap is displayed in the view plane (2D trap).
    You can rotate the model to display the trap as a 3D trap.
  • Within one removal action, click Activate all to recall all the points of the original cloud of points,
    or Swap to invert the selection (the complement of the current selection becomes active
    whereas the current selection is hidden).
  • The Remove action takes into account triangles that are at least partially selected
    (at least one vertex has been picked, or the selection trap intersects the triangle).
  • Undo/Redo are not available on the global action.
  • Although the dialog boxes look similar, the operation mode of the Activate and the
    Remove actions are slightly different:
  • Removed elements can not be recalled !
  • Activate all and Swap apply only to the current removal action.
    They can not be used to recall removed elements once you have validated the action.
  • All free edges may be displayed.
Open the Cloud.CATPart model from the samples directory.

Click here for more information on the dialog box.

  1. Click Remove and select the mesh. The Remove dialog box is displayed.

  2. Click a Mode option:

    • Pick:
      • Select the required element type (Level)  to remove elements using the hierarchical selection.
        According to your choice and the application you are working in, only points, or triangles,
        or scan/grid, or cells (sub-cloud) or clouds (global cloud) will be removed.
      • Select the unwanted elements on the cloud, then click OK to confirm their removal and close the dialog box.
    • Trap  

      • Select the required Trap Type and the portion of cloud to remove (Inside or Outside Trap) to
        remove elements using a graphical trap.
      • You can draw either one single trap, or several traps. 

        In that case, click Validate Trap after each trap before drawing the next one.
        If you draw a trap, click Validate Trap, then Swap, you will remove the complement of the original selection.
      • Click OK when all traps have been defined to remove the unwanted elements and close the dialog box.
    The traps may be either
    • rectangular:
      In that case, you can modify the trap using the green manipulators.
    • or polygonal :

    • or spline:

    In those cases, you can modify the trap using the green manipulators or use the Undo action on each segment
    of the trap as long as you have not double-clicked to end the polygonal trap.