Projecting a Mesh on a Plane


task target This task will show you how to project a cloud of points or a mesh on a plane to obtain a planar cloud of
points or mesh or to create a planar scan.
After the mesh projection, the free boundaries do not correspond to the silhouette contour.
aprereq.gif (1231 bytes) Open the ProjectMesh1.CATPart model from the samples directory.
  1. Click Projection on Plane in the Operations toolbar.

  2. The Projection On Plane dialog box appears:

  3. Select Mesh Creation.1 as the element to project.
    Multi-selection is available. The elements to project can be one or several clouds of points or meshes.
    Click to visualize, remove or replace elements in the selection.

  4. Select the xy plane.
    You can select an existing plane, or use the contextual menu:

  5. Select one of the output options:
    • Distinct to create one output element for each input element,
    • Grouped to create one single output element.

  6. Click Apply. The mesh is projected on the selected plane:

  7. Click OK. ProjectionOnPlane.1 is created.

end of task