Creating a Rough Offset

This task will show you how to create offsets from complex geometries,
that may contain either sharp or smooth features.
The offset mesh will present no self intersections, too small features being eliminated automatically.
The offset distance will be respected all along the mesh.
The mesh to process:
  • may not be non-manifold. You should use the Mesh Cleaner.
  • may have one hole at the most.
  • may be watertight or have one single boundary.
This action requires a Shape Sculptor license.
Open the RoughOffset1.CATPart from the samples directory



  1. Click Rough Offset and select the mesh.

  2. An arrow symbolizes the Offset Distance and its direction (positive, negative, in both directions) as you set it

  1. Set the Granularity that controls the coarseness of the offset mesh.
    The smaller the value of Granularity, the higher the quality of the offset mesh.

    With a high Granularity value:
    With a low Granularity value:
    Be aware that a small Granularity value will require more time and more memory
    to compute the offset mesh.
    In extreme cases, the computation may even be impossible.
    You will then be requested to increase the Granularity value.
  2. Click one of the Direction icons to determine how the offset is carried out and click Apply:

    In the pictures below, the original mesh has its containment box highlighted.
    One side
    With a positive Offset Distance:

    With a negative Offset Distance:

    One side extended
    With a positive Offset Distance:

    With a negative Offset Distance:

    Both sides
    With a positive Offset Distance (a negative distance is not relevant):

  3. Click OK to create the offset mesh. An Offset.x element is created in the specification tree.
    Or click Cancel to exit the action without creating any mesh.