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Technical Reference: Base Operating System and Extensions, Volume 1


About This Book
Who Should Use This Book
Case-Sensitivity in AIX
ISO 9000
32-Bit and 64-Bit Support for the UNIX98 Specification
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Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime Services (A-P)
a64l or l64a Subroutine
l64a_r Subroutine
abort Subroutine
abs, div, labs, ldiv, imul_dbl, umul_dbl, llabs, or lldiv Subroutine
access, accessx, or faccessx Subroutine
acct Subroutine
acl_chg or acl_fchg Subroutine
acl_get or acl_fget Subroutine
acl_put or acl_fput Subroutine
acl_set or acl_fset Subroutine
acos, acosf, or acosl Subroutine
acosh, acoshf, or acoshl Subroutine
addssys Subroutine
adjtime Subroutine
aio_cancel or aio_cancel64 Subroutine
aio_error or aio_error64 Subroutine
aio_fsync Subroutine
aio_nwait Subroutine
aio_read or aio_read64 Subroutine
aio_return or aio_return64 Subroutine
aio_suspend or aio_suspend64 Subroutine
aio_write or aio_write64 Subroutine
arm_end Subroutine
arm_end Dual Call Subroutine
arm_getid Subroutine
arm_getid Dual Call Subroutine
arm_init Subroutine
arm_init Dual Call Subroutine
arm_start Subroutine
arm_start Dual Call Subroutine
arm_stop Subroutine
arm_stop Dual Call Subroutine
arm_update Subroutine
arm_update Dual Call Subroutine
asinh, asinhf, or asinhl Subroutine
asinf, asinl, or asin Subroutine
assert Macro
atan2f, atan2l, or atan2 Subroutine
atan, atanf, or atanl Subroutine
atanh, atanhf, or atanhl Subroutine
atof atoff Subroutine
atol or atoll Subroutine
audit Subroutine
auditbin Subroutine
auditevents Subroutine
auditlog Subroutine
auditobj Subroutine
auditpack Subroutine
auditproc Subroutine
auditread, auditread_r Subroutines
auditwrite Subroutine
authenticate Subroutine
basename Subroutine
bcopy, bcmp, bzero or ffs Subroutine
bessel: j0, j1, jn, y0, y1, or yn Subroutine
bindprocessor Subroutine
brk or sbrk Subroutine
bsearch Subroutine
btowc Subroutine
_check_lock Subroutine
_clear_lock Subroutine
cabs, cabsf, or cabsl Subroutine
cacos, cacosf, or cacosl Subroutine
cacosh, cacoshf, or cacoshl Subroutines
carg, cargf, or cargl Subroutine
casin, casinf, or casinl Subroutine
casinh, casinfh, or casinlh Subroutine
catan, catanf, or catanl Subroutine
catanh, catanhf, or catanhl Subroutine
catclose Subroutine
catgets Subroutine
catopen Subroutine
cbrtf, cbrtl, or cbrt Subroutine
ccos, ccosf, or ccosl Subroutine
ccosh, ccoshf, or ccoshl Subroutine
ccsidtocs or cstoccsid Subroutine
ceil, ceilf, or ceill Subroutine
cexp, cexpf, or cexpl Subroutine
cfgetospeed, cfsetospeed, cfgetispeed, or cfsetispeed Subroutine
chacl or fchacl Subroutine
chdir Subroutine
chmod or fchmod Subroutine
chown, fchown, lchown, chownx, or fchownx Subroutine
chpass Subroutine
chroot Subroutine
chssys Subroutine
cimag, cimagf, or cimagl Subroutine
ckuseracct Subroutine
ckuserID Subroutine
class, _class, finite, isnan, or unordered Subroutines
clock Subroutine
clog, clogf, or clogl Subroutine
close Subroutine
compare_and_swap Subroutine
compile, step, or advance Subroutine
confstr Subroutine
conj, conjf, or conjl Subroutine
conv Subroutines
copysign, copysignf, or copysignl Subroutine
coredump Subroutine
cosf, cosl, or cos Subroutine
cosh, coshf, or coshl Subroutine
cpow, cpowf, or cpowl Subroutine
cproj, cprojf, or cprojl Subroutine
creal, crealf, or creall Subroutine
crypt, encrypt, or setkey Subroutine
csid Subroutine
csin, csinf, or csinl Subroutine
csinh, csinhf, or csinhl Subroutine
csqrt, csqrtf, or csqrtl Subroutine
ctan, ctanf, or ctanl Subroutine
ctanh, ctanhf, or ctanhl Subroutine
ctermid Subroutine
ctime, localtime, gmtime, mktime, difftime, asctime, or tzset Subroutine
ctime_r, localtime_r, gmtime_r, or asctime_r Subroutine
ctype, isalpha, isupper, islower, isdigit, isxdigit, isalnum, isspace, ispunct, isprint, isgraph, iscntrl, or isascii Subroutines
cuserid Subroutine
defssys Subroutine
delssys Subroutine
dirname Subroutine
disclaim Subroutine
dladdr Subroutine
dlclose Subroutine
dlerror Subroutine
dlopen Subroutine
dlsym Subroutine
drand48, erand48, jrand48, lcong48, lrand48, mrand48, nrand48, seed48, or srand48 Subroutine
drem Subroutine
_end, _etext, or _edata Identifier
ecvt, fcvt, or gcvt Subroutine
erf, erff, or erfl Subroutine
erfc, erfcf, or erfcl Subroutine
errlog Subroutine
errlog_close Subroutine
errlog_find_first, errlog_find_next, and errlog_find_sequence Subroutines
errlog_open Subroutine
errlog_set_direction Subroutine
errlog_write Subroutine
exec: execl, execle, execlp, execv, execve, execvp, or exect Subroutine
exit, atexit, _exit, or _Exit Subroutine
exp, expf, or expl Subroutine
exp2, exp2f, or exp2l Subroutine
expm1, expm1f, or expm1l Subroutine
fabsf, fabsl, or fabs Subroutine
fattach Subroutine
fchdir Subroutine
fclear or fclear64 Subroutine
fclose or fflush Subroutine
fcntl, dup, or dup2 Subroutine
fdetach Subroutine
fdim, fdimf, or fdiml Subroutine
feclearexcept Subroutine
fegetenv or fesetenv Subroutine
fegetexceptflag or fesetexceptflag Subroutine
fegetround or fesetround Subroutine
feholdexcept Subroutine
feof, ferror, clearerr, or fileno Macro
feraiseexcept Subroutine
fetch_and_add Subroutine
fetch_and_and or fetch_and_or Subroutine
fetestexcept Subroutine
feupdateenv Subroutine
finfo or ffinfo Subroutine
flockfile, ftrylockfile, funlockfile Subroutine
floor, floorf, floorl, nearest, trunc, itrunc, or uitrunc Subroutine
fma, fmaf, or fmal Subroutine
fmax, fmaxf, or fmaxl Subroutine
fminf or fminl Subroutine
fmod, fmodf, or fmodl Subroutine
fmtmsg Subroutine
fnmatch Subroutine
fopen, fopen64, freopen, freopen64 or fdopen Subroutine
fork, f_fork, or vfork Subroutine
fp_any_enable, fp_is_enabled, fp_enable_all, fp_enable, fp_disable_all, or fp_disable Subroutine
fp_clr_flag, fp_set_flag, fp_read_flag, or fp_swap_flag Subroutine
fp_cpusync Subroutine
fp_flush_imprecise Subroutine
fp_invalid_op, fp_divbyzero, fp_overflow, fp_underflow, fp_inexact, fp_any_xcp Subroutine
fp_iop_snan, fp_iop_infsinf, fp_iop_infdinf, fp_iop_zrdzr, fp_iop_infmzr, fp_iop_invcmp, fp_iop_sqrt, fp_iop_convert, or fp_iop_vxsoft Subroutines
fp_raise_xcp Subroutine
fp_read_rnd or fp_swap_rnd Subroutine
fp_sh_info, fp_sh_trap_info, or fp_sh_set_stat Subroutine
fp_trap Subroutine
fp_trapstate Subroutine
fpclassify Macro
fread or fwrite Subroutine
freehostent Subroutine
frevoke Subroutine
frexpf, frexpl, or frexp Subroutine
fscntl Subroutine
fseek, fseeko, fseeko64, rewind, ftell, ftello, ftello64, fgetpos, fgetpos64, fsetpos, or fsetpos64 Subroutine
fsync or fsync_range Subroutine
ftok Subroutine
ftw or ftw64 Subroutine
fwide Subroutine
fwprintf, wprintf, swprintf Subroutines
fwscanf, wscanf, swscanf Subroutines
gai_strerror Subroutine
gamma Subroutine
gencore or coredump Subroutine
get_malloc_log Subroutine
get_malloc_log_live Subroutine
get_speed, set_speed, or reset_speed Subroutines
getargs Subroutine
getaudithostattr, IDtohost, hosttoID, nexthost or putaudithostattr Subroutine
getc, getchar, fgetc, or getw Subroutine
getc_unlocked, getchar_unlocked, putc_unlocked, putchar_unlocked Subroutines
getconfattr Subroutine
getcontext or setcontext Subroutine
getcwd Subroutine
getdate Subroutine
getdtablesize Subroutine
getenv Subroutine
getevars Subroutine
getfsent, getfsspec, getfsfile, getfstype, setfsent, or endfsent Subroutine
getgid, getegid or gegidx Subroutine
getgrent, getgrgid, getgrnam, setgrent, or endgrent Subroutine
getgrgid_r Subroutine
getgrnam_r Subroutine
getgroupattr, IDtogroup, nextgroup, or putgroupattr Subroutine
getgroups Subroutine
getgrpaclattr, nextgrpacl, or putgrpaclattr Subroutine
getgrset Subroutine
getinterval, incinterval, absinterval, resinc, resabs, alarm, ualarm, getitimer or setitimer Subroutine
getipnodebyaddr Subroutine
getipnodebyname Subroutine
getlogin Subroutine
getlogin_r Subroutine
getopt Subroutine
getpagesize Subroutine
getpass Subroutine
getpcred Subroutine
getpenv Subroutine
getpgid Subroutine
getpid, getpgrp, or getppid Subroutine
getportattr or putportattr Subroutine
getpri Subroutine
getpriority, setpriority, or nice Subroutine
getprocs Subroutine
getpw Subroutine
getpwent, getpwuid, getpwnam, putpwent, setpwent, or endpwent Subroutine
getrlimit, getrlimit64, setrlimit, setrlimit64, or vlimit Subroutine
getrpcent, getrpcbyname, getrpcbynumber, setrpcent, or endrpcent Subroutine
getrusage, getrusage64, times, or vtimes Subroutine
getroleattr, nextrole or putroleattr Subroutine
gets or fgets Subroutine
getfsent_r, getfsspec_r, getfsfile_r, getfstype_r, setfsent_r, or endfsent_r Subroutine
getsid Subroutine
getssys Subroutine
getsubopt Subroutine
getsubsvr Subroutine
getthrds Subroutine
gettimeofday, settimeofday, or ftime Subroutine
gettimer, settimer, restimer, stime, or time Subroutine
gettimerid Subroutine
getttyent, getttynam, setttyent, or endttyent Subroutine
getuid, geteuid, or getuidx Subroutine
getuinfo Subroutine
getuserattr, IDtouser, nextuser, or putuserattr Subroutine
GetUserAuths Subroutine
getuserpw, putuserpw, or putuserpwhist Subroutine
getusraclattr, nextusracl or putusraclattr Subroutine
getutent, getutid, getutline, pututline, setutent, endutent, or utmpname Subroutine
getvfsent, getvfsbytype, getvfsbyname, getvfsbyflag, setvfsent, or endvfsent Subroutine
getwc, fgetwc, or getwchar Subroutine
getwd Subroutine
getws or fgetws Subroutine
glob Subroutine
globfree Subroutine
grantpt Subroutine
HBA_CloseAdapter Subroutine
HBA_FreeLibrary Subroutine
HBA_GetAdapterAttributes, HBA_GetPortAttributes, HBA_GetDiscoveredPortAttributes, HBA_GetPortAttributesByWWN Subroutine
HBA_GetAdapterName Subroutine
HBA_GetFcpPersistentBinding Subroutine
HBA_GetFcpTargetMapping Subroutine
HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters Subroutine
HBA_GetPortStatistics Subroutine
HBA_GetRNIDMgmtInfo Subroutine
HBA_GetVersion Subroutine
HBA_LoadLibrary Subroutine
HBA_OpenAdapter Subroutine
HBA_RefreshInformation Subroutine
HBA_RegisterLibrary Subroutine
HBA_SendCTPassThru Subroutine
HBA_SendReadCapacity Subroutine
HBA_SendReportLUNs Subroutine
HBA_SendRNID Subroutine
HBA_SendScsiInquiry Subroutine
HBA_SetRNIDMgmtInfo Subroutine
hsearch, hcreate, or hdestroy Subroutine
hypot, hypotf, or hypotl Subroutine
iconv Subroutine
iconv_close Subroutine
iconv_open Subroutine
ilogbf, ilogbl, or ilogb Subroutine
imaxabs Subroutine
imaxdiv Subroutine
IMAIXMapping Subroutine
IMAuxCreate Callback Subroutine
IMAuxDestroy Callback Subroutine
IMAuxDraw Callback Subroutine
IMAuxHide Callback Subroutine
IMBeep Callback Subroutine
IMClose Subroutine
IMCreate Subroutine
IMDestroy Subroutine
IMFilter Subroutine
IMFreeKeymap Subroutine
IMIndicatorDraw Callback Subroutine
IMIndicatorHide Callback Subroutine
IMInitialize Subroutine
IMInitializeKeymap Subroutine
IMIoctl Subroutine
IMLookupString Subroutine
IMProcess Subroutine
IMProcessAuxiliary Subroutine
IMQueryLanguage Subroutine
IMSimpleMapping Subroutine
IMTextCursor Callback Subroutine
IMTextDraw Callback Subroutine
IMTextHide Callback Subroutine
IMTextStart Callback Subroutine
inet_aton Subroutine
initgroups Subroutine
initialize Subroutine
insque or remque Subroutine
install_lwcf_handler Subroutine
ioctl, ioctlx, ioctl32, or ioctl32x Subroutine
isblank Subroutine
isendwin Subroutine
isfinite Macro
isgreater Macro
isgreaterequal Subroutine
isinf Subroutine
isless Macro
islessequal Macro
islessgreater Macro
isnormal Macro
isunordered Macro
iswalnum, iswalpha, iswcntrl, iswdigit, iswgraph, iswlower, iswprint, iswpunct, iswspace, iswupper, or iswxdigit Subroutine
iswblank Subroutine
iswctype or is_wctype Subroutine
jcode Subroutines
Japanese conv Subroutines
Japanese ctype Subroutines
kill or killpg Subroutine
kleenup Subroutine
knlist Subroutine
kpidstate Subroutine
_lazySetErrorHandler Subroutine
l3tol or ltol3 Subroutine
layout_object_create Subroutine
layout_object_editshape or wcslayout_object_editshape Subroutine
layout_object_getvalue Subroutine
layout_object_setvalue Subroutine
layout_object_shapeboxchars Subroutine
layout_object_transform or wcslayout_object_transform Subroutine
layout_object_free Subroutine
ldahread Subroutine
ldclose or ldaclose Subroutine
ldexp, ldexpf, or ldexpl Subroutine
ldfhread Subroutine
ldgetname Subroutine
ldlread, ldlinit, or ldlitem Subroutine
ldlseek or ldnlseek Subroutine
ldohseek Subroutine
ldopen or ldaopen Subroutine
ldrseek or ldnrseek Subroutine
ldshread or ldnshread Subroutine
ldsseek or ldnsseek Subroutine
ldtbindex Subroutine
ldtbread Subroutine
ldtbseek Subroutine
lgamma, lgammaf, or lgammal Subroutine
lineout Subroutine
link Subroutine
lio_listio or lio_listio64 Subroutine
llrint, llrintf, or llrintl Subroutine
llround, llroundf, or llroundl Subroutine
load Subroutine
loadbind Subroutine
loadquery Subroutine
localeconv Subroutine
lockfx, lockf, flock, or lockf64 Subroutine
log10, log10f, or log10l Subroutine
log1p, log1pf, or log1pl Subroutine
log2, log2f, or log2l Subroutine
logbf, logbl, or logb Subroutine
log, logf, or logl Subroutine
loginfailed Subroutine
loginrestrictions Subroutine
loginsuccess Subroutine
lrint, lrintf, or lrintl Subroutine
lround, lroundf, or lroundl Subroutine
lsearch or lfind Subroutine
lseek, llseek or lseek64 Subroutine
lvm_querylv Subroutine
lvm_querypv Subroutine
lvm_queryvg Subroutine
lvm_queryvgs Subroutine
malloc, free, realloc, calloc, mallopt, mallinfo, mallinfo_heap, alloca, or valloc Subroutine
madd, msub, mult, mdiv, pow, gcd, invert, rpow, msqrt, mcmp, move, min, omin, fmin, m_in, mout, omout, fmout, m_out, sdiv, or itom Subroutine
madvise Subroutine
makecontext or swapcontext Subroutine
matherr Subroutine
MatchAllAuths, , MatchAnyAuths, or MatchAnyAuthsList Subroutine
mblen Subroutine
mbrlen Subroutine
mbrtowc Subroutine
mbsadvance Subroutine
mbscat, mbscmp, or mbscpy Subroutine
mbschr Subroutine
mbsinit Subroutine
mbsinvalid Subroutine
mbslen Subroutine
mbsncat, mbsncmp, or mbsncpy Subroutine
mbspbrk Subroutine
mbsrchr Subroutine
mbsrtowcs Subroutine
mbstomb Subroutine
mbstowcs Subroutine
mbswidth Subroutine
mbtowc Subroutine
memccpy, memchr, memcmp, memcpy, memset or memmove Subroutine
mincore Subroutine
mkdir Subroutine
mknod or mkfifo Subroutine
mktemp or mkstemp Subroutine
mmap or mmap64 Subroutine
mntctl Subroutine
modf, modff, or modfl Subroutine
moncontrol Subroutine
monitor Subroutine
monstartup Subroutine
mprotect Subroutine
msem_init Subroutine
msem_lock Subroutine
msem_remove Subroutine
msem_unlock Subroutine
msgctl Subroutine
msgget Subroutine
msgrcv Subroutine
msgsnd Subroutine
msgxrcv Subroutine
msleep Subroutine
msync Subroutine
mt__trce Subroutine
munmap Subroutine
mwakeup Subroutine
nan, nanf, or nanl Subroutine
nearbyint, nearbyintf, or nearbyintl Subroutine
nextafter, nextafterf, nextafterl, nexttoward, nexttowardf, or nexttowardl Subroutine
newpass Subroutine
nftw or nftw64 Subroutine
nl_langinfo Subroutine
nlist, nlist64 Subroutine
ns_addr Subroutine
ns_ntoa Subroutine
odm_add_obj Subroutine
odm_change_obj Subroutine
odm_close_class Subroutine
odm_create_class Subroutine
odm_err_msg Subroutine
odm_free_list Subroutine
odm_get_by_id Subroutine
odm_get_list Subroutine
odm_get_obj, odm_get_first, or odm_get_next Subroutine
odm_initialize Subroutine
odm_lock Subroutine
odm_mount_class Subroutine
odm_open_class Subroutine
odm_rm_by_id Subroutine
odm_rm_class Subroutine
odm_rm_obj Subroutine
odm_run_method Subroutine
odm_set_path Subroutine
odm_set_perms Subroutine
odm_terminate Subroutine
odm_unlock Subroutine
open, openx, open64, creat, or creat64 Subroutine
opendir, readdir, telldir, seekdir, rewinddir, or closedir Subroutine
passwdexpired Subroutine
pathconf or fpathconf Subroutine
pause Subroutine
pcap_close Subroutine
pcap_compile Subroutine
pcap_datalink Subroutine
pcap_dispatch Subroutine
pcap_dump Subroutine
pcap_dump_close Subroutine
pcap_dump_open Subroutine
pcap_file Subroutine
pcap_fileno Subroutine
pcap_geterr Subroutine
pcap_is_swapped Subroutine
pcap_lookupdev Subroutine
pcap_lookupnet Subroutine
pcap_loop Subroutine
pcap_major_version Subroutine
pcap_minor_version Subroutine
pcap_next Subroutine
pcap_open_live Subroutine
pcap_open_offline Subroutine
pcap_perror Subroutine
pcap_setfilter Subroutine
pcap_snapshot Subroutine
pcap_stats Subroutine
pcap_strerror Subroutine
pclose Subroutine
perfstat_cpu Subroutine
perfstat_cpu_total Subroutine
perfstat_disk Subroutine
perfstat_diskadapter Subroutine
perfstat_disk_total Subroutine
perfstat_memory_total Subroutine
perfstat_netbuffer Subroutine
perfstat_netinterface Subroutine
perfstat_netinterface_total Subroutine
perfstat_pagingspace Subroutine
perfstat_protocol Subroutine
perfstat_reset Subroutine
perror Subroutine
pipe Subroutine
plock Subroutine
pm_cycles Subroutine
pm_delete_program Subroutine
pm_delete_program_group Subroutine
pm_delete_program_mygroup Subroutine
pm_delete_program_mythread Subroutine
pm_delete_program_thread Subroutine
pm_error Subroutine
pm_get_data, pm_get_tdata, pm_get_data_cpu, and pm_get_tdata_cpu Subroutine
pm_get_data_group and pm_get_tdata_group Subroutine
pm_get_data_mygroup or pm_get_tdata_mygroup Subroutine
pm_get_data_mythread or pm_get_tdata_mythread Subroutine
pm_get_data_thread or pm_get_tdata_thread Subroutine
pm_get_program Subroutine
pm_get_program_group Subroutine
pm_get_program_mygroup Subroutine
pm_get_program_mythread Subroutine
pm_get_program_thread Subroutine
pm_init Subroutine
pm_reset_data Subroutine
pm_reset_data_group Subroutine
pm_reset_data_mygroup Subroutine
pm_reset_data_mythread Subroutine
pm_reset_data_thread Subroutine
pm_set_program Subroutine
pm_set_program_group Subroutine
pm_set_program_mygroup Subroutine
pm_set_program_mythread Subroutine
pm_set_program_thread Subroutine
pm_start Subroutine
pm_start_group Subroutine
pm_start_mygroup Subroutine
pm_start_mythread Subroutine
pm_start_thread Subroutine
pm_stop Subroutine
pm_stop_group Subroutine
pm_stop_mygroup Subroutine
pm_stop_mythread Subroutine
pm_stop_thread Subroutine
poll Subroutine
popen Subroutine
powf, powl, or pow Subroutine
printf, fprintf, sprintf, snprintf, wsprintf, vprintf, vfprintf, vsprintf, or vwsprintf Subroutine
profil Subroutine
psdanger Subroutine
psignal Subroutine or sys_siglist Vector
pthdb_attr, pthdb_cond, pthdb_condattr, pthdb_key, pthdb_mutex, pthdb_mutexattr, pthdb_pthread, pthdb_pthread_key, pthdb_rwlock, or pthdb_rwlockattr Subroutine
pthdb_attr_detachstate,pthdb_attr_addr, pthdb_attr_guardsize,pthdb_attr_inheritsched, pthdb_attr_schedparam,pthdb_attr_schedpolicy, pthdb_attr_schedpriority,pthdb_attr_scope, pthdb_attr_stackaddr,pthdb_attr_stacksize, or pthdb_attr_suspendstate Subroutine
pthdb_condattr_pshared, or pthdb_condattr_addr Subroutine
pthdb_cond_addr, pthdb_cond_mutex or pthdb_cond_pshared Subroutine
pthdb_mutexattr_addr, pthdb_mutexattr_prioceiling, pthdb_mutexattr_protocol, pthdb_mutexattr_pshared or pthdb_mutexattr_type Subroutine
pthdb_mutex_addr, pthdb_mutex_lock_count, pthdb_mutex_owner, pthdb_mutex_pshared, pthdb_mutex_prioceiling, pthdb_mutex_protocol, pthdb_mutex_state or pthdb_mutex_type Subroutine
pthdb_mutex_waiter, pthdb_cond_waiter, pthdb_rwlock_read_waiter or pthdb_rwlock_write_waiter Subroutine
pthdb_pthread_arg Subroutine
pthdb_pthread_context or pthdb_pthread_setcontext Subroutine
pthdb_pthread_hold, pthdb_pthread_holdstate or pthdb_pthread_unhold Subroutine
pthdb_pthread_sigmask, pthdb_pthread_sigpend or pthdb_pthread_sigwait Subroutine
pthdb_pthread_specific Subroutine
pthdb_pthread_tid or pthdb_tid_pthread Subroutine
pthdb_rwlockattr_addr, or pthdb_rwlockattr_pshared Subroutine
pthdb_rwlock_addr, pthdb_rwlock_lock_count, pthdb_rwlock_owner, pthdb_rwlock_pshared or pthdb_rwlock_state Subroutine
pthdb_session_committed Subroutines
pthread_atfork Subroutine
pthread_attr_destroy Subroutine
pthread_attr_getguardsize or pthread_attr_setguardsize Subroutines
pthread_attr_getschedparam Subroutine
pthread_attr_getstackaddr Subroutine
pthread_attr_getstacksize Subroutine
pthread_attr_init Subroutine
pthread_attr_getdetachstate or pthread_attr_setdetachstate Subroutines
pthread_attr_getscope and pthread_attr_setscope Subroutines
pthread_attr_setschedparam Subroutine
pthread_attr_setstackaddr Subroutine
pthread_attr_setstacksize Subroutine
pthread_attr_setsuspendstate_np and pthread_attr_getsuspendstate_np Subroutine
pthread_cancel Subroutine
pthread_cleanup_pop or pthread_cleanup_push Subroutine
pthread_cond_destroy or pthread_cond_init Subroutine
pthread_cond_signal or pthread_cond_broadcast Subroutine
pthread_cond_wait or pthread_cond_timedwait Subroutine
pthread_condattr_destroy or pthread_condattr_init Subroutine
pthread_condattr_getpshared Subroutine
pthread_condattr_setpshared Subroutine
pthread_create Subroutine
pthread_delay_np Subroutine
pthread_equal Subroutine
pthread_exit Subroutine
pthread_get_expiration_np Subroutine
pthread_getconcurrency or pthread_setconcurrency Subroutine
pthread_getrusage_np Subroutine
pthread_getschedparam Subroutine
pthread_getspecific or pthread_setspecific Subroutine
pthread_getthrds_np Subroutine
pthread_getunique_np Subroutine
pthread_join or pthread_detach Subroutine
pthread_key_create Subroutine
pthread_key_delete Subroutine
pthread_kill Subroutine
pthread_lock_global_np Subroutine
pthread_mutex_init or pthread_mutex_destroy Subroutine
pthread_mutex_lock, pthread_mutex_trylock, or pthread_mutex_unlock Subroutine
pthread_mutexattr_destroy or pthread_mutexattr_init Subroutine
pthread_mutexattr_getkind_np Subroutine
pthread_mutexattr_gettype or pthread_mutexattr_settype Subroutine
pthread_mutexattr_setkind_np Subroutine
pthread_mutexattr_getpshared or pthread_mutexattr_setpshared Subroutine
pthread_once Subroutine
pthread_rwlock_init or pthread_rwlock_destroy Subroutine
pthread_rwlock_rdlock or pthread_rwlock_tryrdlock Subroutines
pthread_rwlock_unlock Subroutine
pthread_rwlock_wrlock or pthread_rwlock_trywrlock Subroutines
pthread_rwlockattr_init or pthread_rwlockattr_destroy Subroutines
pthread_rwlockattr_getpshared or pthread_rwlockattr_setpshared Subroutines
pthread_self Subroutine
pthread_setcancelstate, pthread_setcanceltype, or pthread_testcancel Subroutines
pthread_setschedparam Subroutine
pthread_sigmask Subroutine
pthread_signal_to_cancel_np Subroutine
pthread_suspend_np and pthread_continue_np Subroutine
pthread_unlock_global_np Subroutine
pthread_yield Subroutine
ptrace, ptracex, ptrace64 Subroutine
ptsname Subroutine
putc, putchar, fputc, or putw Subroutine
putenv Subroutine
putgrent Subroutine
puts or fputs Subroutine
putwc, putwchar, or fputwc Subroutine
putws or fputws Subroutine
pwdrestrict_method Subroutine
Appendix A. Base Operating System Error Codes for Services That Require Path-Name Resolution
Appendix B. ODM Error Codes
Related Information
Appendix C. Notices

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