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Technical Reference: Base Operating System and Extensions, Volume 1

Japanese ctype Subroutines


Classify characters.


Standard Character Library (libc.a)


#include <ctype.h>

int isjalpha ( Character)
int Character;

int isjupper (Character)
int Character;

int isjlower (Character)
int Character;

int isjlbytekana (Character)
int Character;

int isjdigit (Character)
int Character;

int isjxdigit (Character)
int Character;

int isjalnum (Character)
int Character;

int isjspace (Character)
int Character;

int isjpunct (Character)
int Character;

int isjparen (Character)
int Character;

int isparent (Character)

int isjprint (Character)
int Character;

int isjgraph (Character)
int Character;

int isjis (Character)
int Character;

int isjhira (wc)
wchar_t wc;

int isjkanji (wc)

int isjkata (wc)
wchar_t wc;


The Japanese ctype subroutines classify character-coded integer values specified in a table. Each of these subroutines returns a nonzero value for True and 0 for False.


Character Character to be tested.

Return Values

The isjprint and isjgraph subroutines return a 0 value for user-defined characters.

Related Information

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