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Technical Reference: Base Operating System and Extensions, Volume 1

HBA_GetRNIDMgmtInfo Subroutine


Sends a SCSI GET RNID command to a remote port of the end device.


Common Host Bus Adapter Library (libHBAAPI.a)


#include <hbaapi.h>

HBA_STATUS HBA_GetRNIDMgmtInfo (handle, pInfo)
HBA_HANDLE handle;


The HBA_SetRNIDMgmtInfo subroutine sends a SCSI GET RNID (Request Node Identification Data) command through a call to ioctl with the SCIOLCHBA operation as its argument. The arg parameter for the SCIOLCHBA operation is the address of a scsi_chba structure. This structure is defined in the /usr/include/sys/scsi_buf.h file. The scsi_chba parameter block allows the caller to select the GET RNID command to be sent to the adapter. The pInfo structure stores the RNID data returned from SCIOLCHBA. The pInfo structure is defined in the /usr/include/sys/hbaapi.h file. The structure includes:

If successful, the GET RNID data in pInfo is returned from the adapter.


handle Specifies the open file descriptor obtained from a successful call to the open subroutine.
pInfo Specifies the structure containing the information to get or set from the RNID command

Return Values

Upon successful completion, the HBA_GetRNIDMgmtInfo subroutine returns a pointer to a structure containing the data from the GET RNID command and a value of HBA_STATUS_OK, or a value of 0. If unsuccessful, a null value is returned along with a value of HBA_STATUS_ERROR, or a value of 1.

Upon successful completion, the HBA_SetRNIDMgmtInfo subroutine returns a value of HBA_STATUS_OK, or a value of 0. If unsuccessful, an HBA_STATUS_ERROR value, or a value of 1 is returned.

Error Codes

The Storage Area Network Host Bus Adapter API subroutines return the following error codes:

HBA_STATUS_OK A value of 0 on successful completion.
HBA_STATUS_ERROR A value of 1 if an error occurred.
HBA_STATUS_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE A value of 3 if there was an invalid file handle.

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