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Technical Reference: Base Operating System and Extensions, Volume 1

HBA_SendCTPassThru Subroutine


Sends a CT pass through frame.


Common Host Bus Adapter Library (libHBAAPI.a)


#include <hbaapi.h>

HBA_STATUS HBA_SendCTPassThru (handle, pReqBuffer, ReqBufferSize, pRspBuffer, RspBufferSize)
HBA_HANDLE handle;
void *pReqBuffer;
HBA_UINT32 ReqBufferSize;
void *pRspBuffer;
HBA_UINT32 RspBufferSize;


The HBA_SendCTPassThru subroutine sends a CT pass through frame to a fabric connected to the specified handle. The CT frame is routed in the fabric according to the GS_TYPE field in the CT frame.


handle HBA_HANDLE to an open adapter.
pReqBuffer Pointer to a buffer that contains the CT request.
ReqBufferSize Size of the request buffer.
pRspBuffer Pointer to a buffer that receives the response of the command.
RspBufferSize Size of the response buffer.

Return Values

If successful, HBA_STATUS_OK is returned, and the pRspBuffer parameter points to the CT response.

Error Codes

If the adapter specified by the handle parameter is connected to an arbitrated loop, the HBA_SendCTPassThru subroutine returns HBA_STATUS_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED. This subroutine is only valid when connected to a fabric.

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