Systems Space Reservation


Using This Guide

What's New?

Getting Started

Enter the Workbench

Create an Equipment Reservation

Set Correct Working Units and Grid

Changing the Current Axis

Saving Documents

Updating Documents

User Tasks

Using Basic Layout Tools

Making an Element Active

Using the step input box and construction elements

Flipping Elements

Aligning Elements

Creating a Temporary Axis

Activating the Product or Parent

Using Item Reservations

Creating an Item Reservation

Moving an Item Reservation

Resizing an Item Reservation

Rotate item reservation with definition panel

Create item reservation at compass base plane

Save an Item Reservation in Separate Document

Creating an item reservation over a resource

Creating an Item Reservation on a Defined Plane

Copying an Item Reservation

Analyzing Object Information and Attributes

Disable/Enable Manipulation Handles

Using Resources

Place Resource Exact Distance from Another

Rotate Resource Using Definition Panel

Placing Parts in a CATProduct Drawing

Detecting Clash in Parts Placement

Placing Resources on Different Planes

Creating a Parent-Child Relationship

Snap and Rotate a Resource

Snap Resources Together

Quick Snap Resources

Placing Multiple Parts in a Run

Using Quick Translate to Move Objects

Using Path Reservations

Creating a Path Reservation

Routing with Defined Nodes

Routing From the End of a Path Reservation, Boundary, or Run

Branching a Path Reservation

Routing Using the Compass Base Plane

Route a Run Within a Pathway

Routing From an Item Reservation

Modifying Path Reservations

Changing a Section

Changing the Angle of a Segment

Moving Nodes

Create a Closed Loop Run

Open a Closed Run

Breaking a Run

Using Lofted Pathways

Creating a Lofted Pathway

Resizing a Lofted Pathway

Moving a Lofted Pathway

Managing Systems

Creating a Network

Creating a Logical Set

Saving a Network as a Separate Document

Modifying Routables

Using the Definition Dialog Box

Positioning a Branch

Connecting a Run

Disconnecting a Run

Break run at a branch

Convert Star Connection to Master-Slave Type

Create an Offset Connection Between Segments

Position Segment Relative to Plane or Another Segment

Display Information About Routables

Transfer Run to Another Document

More Layout Tools

Mirroring Elements

Moving Multiple Elements

Changing the Properties of Multiple Elements

Performing an Inclusion Analysis

Distributing Elements

Using Offset Planes and Advanced Offset Planes

Rearranging the Specifications Tree

Measuring Distance Between Elements

Tasks for Space Reservations

Routing Path Reservations With a Slope

Routing Path Reservations in Any Direction

Routing at an Offset of a Routable

Route a Run Along a Spline

Fixing Broken Routables

Edgeline: Routing Parallel to a Run


Create Connectors

Use the Compass to Manipulate Connectors

Modifying or Deleting Connectors

Creating Duplicate Connectors

Using the Plane Manipulator

Place Connectors on Hole in V4 Document


Changing the Reference File for a Part

Change the Parameters of a Part


Customizing Settings

Customizing the Dictionary of Types

Customizing: Example

Customizing: Procedure

Searching User-Created Dictionary Entries

Creating Custom Reports

Defining the Report Format

Generating a Report

Cache Mode

Working in Cache Mode

Customizing Specifications Tree

Customizing the Specifications Tree Display


Creating Parts

Creating a Catalog

Making a Catalog Accessible

Catalog Keywords

Generating a Part Catalog Report

Resource Properties for Objects

Workbench Description

System Space Reservation Toolbar

General Design Toolbar

General Environment Toolbar

Product Placement Toolbar