Creating an Item Reservation

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task shows you how to create an item reservation.
ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) 1. Select the Item Reservation button buttonitemreservation.gif (646 bytes).

The Item Reservation dialog box is displayed.

2. Specify the type of reservation you want to create:

BT0202itemtypes.gif (1855 bytes)

3. Specify the size of the item reservation by keying in these values:
4. Specify the visual mode for the item reservation:

BT0202itemdisplayasbox.gif (443 bytes) Display as Solid

Display as Flat

5. Specify the location for the item reservation.
The Link to a Function button is used in some Electrical products to link a function to an item reservation. See relevant documentation for more information.

aendtask.gif (1477 bytes)