Lathe Machining



What's New?

Getting Started

Open the Part to Machine

Create a Rough Turning Operation

Replay the Toolpath

Create a Groove Turning Operation

Create Profile Finish Turning Operation

Generate NC Code

User Tasks

Turning Operations

Longitudinal Rough Turning

Face Rough Turning

Parallel Contour Rough Turning

Recess Turning

Groove Turning

Profile Finish Turning

Groove Finish Turning

Ramp Rough Turning

Ramp Recess Turning

Thread Turning

Sequential Turning

Turning on a Milling Center with Facing Head

Manage Local Information on Finishing Operations

Update Input Stock - Manual Mode

Update Input Stock - Automatic Mode

Compute Maximum Turning Envelope

Axial Machining Operations

Auxiliary Operations

Part Operations, Manufacturing Programs and Machining Processes

Machining Process for Lathe Machining

Machining Resources and Other Entities

Edit the Insert Holder of a Turning Operation

Edit the Tool Assembly of a Turning Operation

Edit the Insert of a Turning Operation

Edit an Insert Holder in the Resource List

Edit a Tool Assembly in the Resource List

Edit an Insert in the Resource List

Verification, Simulation and NC Output

Workbench Description

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Reference Information

Rough Turning Operations

Recess Turning Operations

Groove Turning Operations

Profile Finish Turning Operations

Groove Finish Turning Operations

Ramp Rough Turning Operations

Ramp Recess Turning Operations

Thread Turning Operations

Sequential Turning Operations

Tool Assembly Conventions for Turning

Reference Compensation Point for the Gauges on Lathe Tool Assembly

Trigon Insert Used on a Groove Insert-holder

Groove Insert Positioning on Start and End Limits


Cutter Compensation and Finish Operations

How to Change the Output Point

How to Update Input Stock

Turning on a Milling Center with Facing Head

Specific Use of Multi-slide Lathe Machine