Create a Groove Turning Operation

task target This task shows you how to create a Groove Turning operation to machine part of the workpiece.

You will specify the geometry to be machined, set some of the machining parameters and select a new tool.

aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Make sure that the Rough Turning operation is the current entity in the program.
scenario 1. Select the Groove Turning icon .
The Groove Turning dialog box appears directly at the Geometry page .
2. Click the red Stock area in the icon, then select the stock profile as shown.
3. Click the red Part area in the icon, then select the groove profile as shown.

4. Select the Strategy tab page and check machining parameters.  Set the Gouging Safety Angle to 10 degrees.
 5. Select the Insert Holder tab in the Tooling page .
  • Enter a name of the new tool (for example, Grooving Tool).
  • Double-click the l2 (shank length 2) parameter in the icon, then enter 60mm in the Edit Parameter dialog box.
  • Set the Max cutting depth Technology parameter to 80mm.
6. Click Replay in the dialog box to visually check the operation's tool path.

Click OK to exit the replay mode and return to the Groove Turning dialog box.

7. Click OK to create the operation.

end of task