Edit the Tool Assembly of a Turning Operation

task target This task shows you how to edit the tool assembly of a turning operation.

You can do this in several ways:

See Tool Assembly Resources for more information about lathe assemblies.

scenario 1. Double-click the operation in the program, then select the Tool Assembly tab in the Tooling page .
2. To create a new tool assembly:

The parameters of the current tool assembly are shown but are not accessible (greyed out).

Enter a name for the new tool assembly. The parameter fields on the page become accessible.

note   If the same tooling is used on more than one operation, the parameters of the resource are not accessible for modification (they are greyed out).

In this case, you can create a new resource by entering a new identifier in the Name field. You can then specify the parameters of the new resource.

3. To select a tool assembly that is already used in the document:
  • Select the [...] button opposite Name. Then select the desired tool assembly from the list of tool assemblies already present in your document.
  • In the Name field, enter the name of a tool assembly already present in your document.
4. To select another tool assembly by means of a query:

  • Use the Look in combo to specify where you want to search for the tool assembly: 
  • If you want to change the tool type or insert type associated with the tool assembly, select the icons corresponding to the desired tool and icon.
  • You can do a quick search in the Simple tab page by entering a character string in the Name field. The tool assemblies meeting the simple search criteria are listed.
    If the Name field is blank, the search is done to find the tool assemblies with the selected tool and icon types.
    If, for example, there are tools found but no inserts of the desired type, these tools will be listed and the insert list will be empty.
  • Select the desired tool assembly from the list and click OK.
  • You can search a tool assembly using finer constraints by selecting the Advanced tab page. 
5. Click OK to confirm using this new tool assembly in the operation.

end of task