Update Input Stock - Manual Mode

task target This task shows you how to update the input stock manually for the machining operations in a lathe manufacturing program. These machining operations can be lathe operations, and axial operations along the spindle axis.

In Manual mode, the input stock takes into account all the previous operations. The lathe and axial operations must be completed.

Please refer to How to Update Input Stock for more information about this capability.

scenario 1. Select File > Open then select the StartStockUpdateManualMode.CATProcess document
  2. Select Machining > Lathe Machining from the Start menu.

The Lathe Machining workbench appears. The part is displayed in the Setup Editor window along with the manufacturing specification tree.

  3. Double-click Part Operation.1 in the tree to display the Part Operation dialog box.

Right-click the Stock field to make sure that Automatic Stock Selection for Turning Operations is not activated in the contextual menu.

  4. Double-click the second lathe operation in the program: External lathe recessing.
  5. In the Geometry page, the status is red because there is no input stock defined for the operation.

  6. Select the Update Input Stock command by either clicking the icon or right-clicking the Input stock status field in the sensitive icon. The stock is computed and the corresponding sketch profile is displayed in the viewer.

7. Select this profile as the input stock for the operation.

The Geometry page is updated with this stock

You can use the Analyze contextual command (right-click the stock area in the sensitive icon) to check that an input stock has been selected.

8. Click the Replay icon to verify the operation.

Click OK to accept the operation.

9. The status of the operation is as follows:

10. The input stock of the other Lathe operations in the program can be updated in the same way.

Updating Computed Stock Status

For modifications to the Part Operation, a previous operation in the program (edit), or a previous sequence of the program (delete or copy/paste), the stock status becomes Stock to update.

After modifications, there is no automatic refresh of the stock status of the operations. You can right-click the Program in the tree and select the Update Computed Stock Status contextual command. This will refresh the stock status of all the operations.

Please note that when you copy/paste an operation, the input stock is not copied.

Removing Input Stock

If you right-click the Input stock status field in the Geometry tab page, you can use the Remove Input Stock contextual command  to remove the operation's input stock. The corresponding sketch profile will be deleted. The status of the previously selected geometry from the deleted sketch will be Not found, so new geometry must be selected in this case.
You cannot use the operation's Cancel button to recover the deleted sketch.

Stock Computation for Last Operation of the Program

The user can compute the final stock after the last operation in the Program has been performed. This is done using the contextual menu of the Program, which includes a Compute Final Stock command.

The generated IPM Stock body will be stored under the Product List in the PPR tree with the name:
Final Stock Body for name_of_the_program

Prior to V5R18, the user had to create a dummy operation in order to get the stock after the last operation in a Program. The  Compute Final Stock command eliminates this needless activity.

end of task