Specification Tree

Here is an example of a Process Product Resources (PPR) specification tree for Machining products.

Process List is a plan that gives all the activities and machining operations required to transform a part from a rough to a finished state.
  • Part Operation defines the manufacturing resources and the reference data.
  • Manufacturing Program is the list of all of the operations and tool changes performed. The example above shows that:
    • Drilling.1 is complete and has not been computed
    • Drilling.2 is complete but has been computed (by means of a replay)
    • Drilling.3 does not have all of the necessary data (indicated by the exclamation mark symbol)
    • Drilling.4 has been deactivated by the user (indicated by the brackets symbol)
    • Drilling.5 has been modified and needs to be recomputed (indicated by the update symbol).
Product List gives all of the parts to machine as well as CATPart documents containing complementary geometry. 
Resources List gives all of the resources such as machine or tools that can be used in the program.