Edit an Insert Holder in the Resource List

task target This task shows you how to edit an insert holder that is already used in your document.

Note that if you edit a resource that is used by one or more machining operations, then these operations will be impacted by the modification.

scenario 1. Double-click the desired insert holder in the Resource List.

You can also right-click it and select the Edit NC Resource contextual command.

The Tool Definition dialog box is displayed allowing you to edit the insert holder's geometric, technological, and compensation parameters.

scenario   Please refer to Tools/Insert Holders for Turning Operations for a description of the available parameters for this resource.
2. If needed, enter a new name and comment for the insert holder.
3. Click More to expand the dialog box to access the Geometry, Technology, and Compensation tabs.
4. You can specify the insert holder geometry in two ways:
  • double-click a parameter in the large insert holder icon and enter the desired value in the Edit Parameter dialog box that appears
  • or enter the desired values in the Geometry tab page.

The icon representation of the insert holder is updated with these values.

5. Click the Technology tab and enter the desired values for the insert holder's technological parameters. 

6. If cutter compensation is required, click the Compensation tab.

You can either edit an existing compensation site or add another site, if other sites are proposed.

7. Right-click the desired line to either edit or add cutter compensation data.

The Compensation Definition dialog box appears.

8. Enter the desired values for the cutter compensation sites. 

See Specify Tool Compensation for more information.

9. Click OK to accept the modifications made to the insert holder.
scenario A CATPart or CATProduct representation can be assigned to the insert holder by means of the Add User Representation contextual command in the Resource List.

A mask symbol on the bottom right of the Insert Holder icon in the PPR tree indicates that a user representation has been added to the resource. For example:

For more information about user representations, please refer to User Representation of Lathe Tools.

end of task