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Accessing NC Machine Tool Simulation

User Tasks

Assigning a Machine to a Part Operation

Setting or Modifying the Workpiece and Tool Mount Points

Simulating NC Tool Paths

Simulating in Batch Mode

Setting Default Collision Checks

Avoiding Collisions

Modifying NC Tool Paths

Using the Jog Command

Setting Specific Collision Checks

Using NC Code for Machine Simulation

Creating Video Simulations while Using NC Code

Simulating while Using NC Code

Managing Specific NC Codes

Generating NC Code Interactively

About the NC Code Dialog Box

About NC Code Generated Outside of V5

Simulating Machine Motion and Integrated Material Removal

Analyzing Stock

Using Video Measure Analysis

Comparing the Machined Stock Part and the Design Part

Removing Detached Material

Creating a Machine Instruction Action

About Parallel or Peripheral Axis Machines within a Simulation

Using DELMIA D5 Data

Using the Export to D5 Command

Workbench Description

Menu Bar

Select Toolbar

Tag Toolbar

Positioning Tools Toolbar

Exit Workbench Toolbar

Machine Management Toolbar

Stock Management Toolbar

Simulation Toolbar

Analysis Tools Toolbar

Simulation Analysis Tools Toolbar

Environment Tools Toolbar

Activity Management Toolbar

PPR Tools Toolbar






Reference Information

Using Tag Commands

Creating a Tag Group

Creating Tags

Projecting a Tag

Transforming Tags

Using Simulation Analysis Commands

Creating a Clash (Interference) Check

Viewing Analysis Data

About Check Clash Options

Using Data Readout

Using Simulation Commands

Viewing a Simulation

Viewing Information Boxes during Simulations

Using Activity Filtering and Other Options for a Specific Simulation

Using Activity Options

Running the Simulation in Real Time

Using Visualization Options

Updating Cycle Times

Using the PPR Hub with NC Machine Tool Simulation