Using the Export to D5 Command

This procedure describes how to use Export to D5 .

An ISO code file and a MIMIC file are used as an input for this command to launch D5 VNC.

To follow this procedure, you must first complete previous steps with the Process1.CATProcess sample file.

Before executing this procedure, you should set the installation path for D5 VNC in the Tools > Options > Machining Simulation > Machine Tool Path Simulation > General tab.  In addition, the path to the config files should be set in the Tools > Options > General > Compatibility > DELMIA D5 tab.

  1. In the PPR tree, right-click on a Part Operation and select Part Operation.1 object > Definition.

    The Part Operation dialog box appears.
  2. If not already done, select a machine, then click OK.

    The machine must be specified in the machine tool library config file set in  the Tools > Options > General > Compatibility > DELMIA D5 tab.
      You can also specify the stock part, design part, and fixtures.
  3. From the Machine Management toolbar, click Export to D5 .

  4. In the PPR tree, select the Part Operation you selected in Step 1.

    The Browse dialog box appears.
  5. Select a MIMIC file and an ISO file.

    If you select the Tool Information check box, all the tools under the Part Operation are be created in D5.
  6. Click OK.

    D5 VNC is launched with the machine, stock part, design part and fixtures specified in the Part Operation setup. If you selected Tool Information, all the tools (with APT parameters only) under the specified Part Operation are created in D5 VNC. The ISO and MIMIC files are also loaded.