Running the Simulation in Real Time

This procedure describes how to run a simulation in real time.
This procedure assumes that you have a process with activities loaded.
  1. Select the process on the PPR tree.

    • If you select an activity instead of a process, only the activity is simulated, but not the whole process.
    • If you select nothing, the entire process is selected by default.
    • You can also select an activity that exists under a resource task (e.g., a robot task or a human task).
  2. Click Process Simulation on the Simulation toolbar.

    The icon turns orange.  The Process Simulation and Simulation Control Tools pop-up toolbars appear.
  3. Click Automatic Real-time Simulation on the Simulation Control Tools pop-up toolbar.

    The step size spinner becomes unavailable and Automatic Real-time Simulation becomes highlighted in orange.  This is a toggle on/off button.
  4. Click Run from the Process Simulation pop-up toolbar and view the simulation.

    While running the simulation with automatic real-time turned on, the step size is continuously updated. Although the value of the step is unavailable and it does not display the updated value, if the simulation is running too slow (with respect to the real time), the step size increases; if the simulation begins to run too fast, the step size decreases. As a result, the performance of the automatic real-time simulation step size feature may degrade during simulations that perform computationally intensive operations. The step sizes may become very large, resulting in unnatural, jerky-looking motion.
      Automatic Real-time Simulation is a toggle command.  When you no longer wish to see the simulation in real time, deselect Automatic Real-time Simulation.  You can see the process simulation in other ways without exiting from the Process Simulation command.
  5. End the simulation using one of the methods below:

    • Press the X (close) button in the upper right hand corner of the Process Simulation pop-up toolbar OR
    • Click Process Simulation (the command changes from orange to its original colors).
Automatic Real-time Simulation is not persistent.  By default, it is turned off when launching Process Simulation ; you must use Automatic Real-time Simulation to turn it on.