Using the Jog Command

This procedure describes how to use the Jog command. Before all machining operations are defined completely, you can use this command:
  • to validate or re-validate part setup and part positioning,
  • to check if representative tool paths can be reached, .
To follow this procedure, you must opened the Process1.CATProcess sample file, and assigned a machine to the Part Operation activity.
  1. From the Machine Management toolbar, click Jog .

  2. Select the machine that you wish to jog.

  3. Jog the various axes of the machine either by sliding the center gray arrow or by using the arrows in the spin box to select a new value.

    When an axis is out of range, the dialog box shows the DOF Controls in red and also provides the out-of-range percentage (see above); otherwise the DOF Controls show green.
  4. Check to see whether the joints are jogged correctly.

    You can check the joint values by clicking Data Readout in the Simulation Analysis toolbar.
  5. In the list next to Home in Jog dialog box, select Home_1.

    The machine returns to the default position.