About NC Code Generated Outside of V5

NC code generated outside can be used for machine simulation and for integrated material removal.  If you are using such code:
  • Part Operation setup has to be completed in the regular way, with correct definition of NC Machine (with PP/CE combination), machining axis system, design, stock and fixtures.
  • The Manufacturing Program under the Part Operation does not contain any activities, but can be used to assign the NC Program.
  • The resource list should contain the necessary tools (to be created by the user). Tool numbers for all tools in the resource list should match with the tool numbers in the NC Code. This is the user’s responsibility. If the tool numbers do not match, error messages will be generated.
  • Machine Simulation can be used in the same way for this NC code as with code generated within V5.
If the NC code is modified, then the NC Code file has to be re-associated to the Manufacturing Program for the changes to take effect.