Assigning a Machine to a Part Operation

This procedure describes how to select a machine and then assign it to a part operation.
  1. From the samples directory, select and open the Process1.CATProcess file.

  2. In the PPR tree, right click on Part Operation.1 and select Assign Machine from File...

    Alternatively, you can use Assign Machine :
    1. In the Activity Management toolbar, click Insert Resource .

      The File Selection dialog box appears.
    2. Select XYZCA.CATProduct and click Open.

      The machine appears in the 3D view.
      You may need to use Fit All In to obtain the view below.
    3. In the PPR Tools toolbar, click Assign Machine

    4. In the PPR tree's process list, under the Process node, select a Part Operation.1.

    5. In the PPR tree's resource list, under the Product1.1 node, select XYZCA.1.

      Also, the same resource can be assigned to one or multiple part operations with Assign Machine .  This command completes the link between the part operation and the selected resource.
  3. Is the Workpiece Mount Point set, and set in the appropriate location?

    To verify the Workpiece Mount Point's location, select Workpiece Mount Point on the PPR tree (beneath to NC Controller leaf). 
    • If a device part becomes highlighted on the PPR tree, the Workpiece Mount Point is set on that device part.  Also, a message specifying the current mount part appears in the lower left corner of the workbench:
    • If no device part is highlighted, then the Workpiece Mount Point has not been set.
Machines that have been modeled in D5 VNC, as well as in V5 NC Machine Tool Builder, can be used for simulating tool paths. CATProducts that were created using a valid D5 VNC machine or a V5 machine, can be assigned to the part operation as described above. Alternately, D5 VNC machine files can be directly imported in Machine Tool Path Simulation and assigned to the part operation. Machines with or without inverse kinematics can be assigned for use. Alternatively, a valid post-process file can be associated with a machine model and can be assigned to the part operation.