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Getting Started

Working With The Imagine and Shape Product

Entering the Workbench

Designing a Stylistic Chair

Creating The Main Shape Of The Chair

Creating The Leg Of The Chair

Creating The Foot Of The Chair

User Tasks

Displaying Textual Help

Creating Closed Primitives

Creating a Sphere

Creating a Cylinder

Creating a Box

Creating a Pyramid

Creating a Torus

Adding Sections to A Closed Primitive

Creating Open Primitives

Creating a Rectangle

Creating a Circle

Creating a Triangle

Creating a Ring

Adding Sections to An Open Primitive

Creating a Curve

Modifying and Deforming Surfaces

Managing the Compass

Translating a Surface

Moving Along Normals

Rotating a Surface

Scaling a Surface

Modifying the Weight of Vertices or Edges

Picking Elements

Using Edition for Modification

Selecting Elements

Setting the Attenuation Factor

Selecting Multiple Surfaces

Modifying and Deforming Curves

Refining a Curve

Manipulating a Curve

Smoothing a Curve

Defining the Working Area

Defining a Fillet

Erasing a Part of the Curve

Keeping the Curve on a Plane

Defining the Curve Characteristics

Displaying The Transformations Icons

Managing the Compass

Translating a Curve

Rotating a Curve

Scaling a Curve

Using Edition for Curve Modification

Setting the Attenuation Factor

Extruding Faces and Edges

Cutting Faces

Subdividing Faces

Erasing Faces and Edges

Dimensioning Subdivisions

Associating Elements

Aligning Vertices

Selecting Visible Elements

Defining The Working Zone

Performing A Symmetry

Managing Views

Managing Interactive Views

Managing Conical Views

Performing Shape Operations

Migrating Pre-R18 Features

Imagine and Shape Interoperability

Optimal CATIA PLM Usability for Imagine and Shape

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