Creating The Foot Of The Chair

This task shows you how to sharpen the leg of the chair and create its foot. This is the final step to creating a stylistic chair model, ready to enter the design process.
The .CATPart document is still open from the previous task.
Otherwise, open the Chair2.CATPart document.
  1. Click Modification .

    A Tools Palette is displayed.
  2. Select the chair.

  3. Click Vertex Selection .

  4. Select the middle vertices of the leg to be used to trim the shape.

  5. Click Affinity to move the vertices in a symmetrical manner.

    A 3D box appears around the selection:
  6. Trim the leg shape along the X axis.

    Let's now create the foot.
  7. Select the bottom vertices.

  8. Enlarge the leg first along the Y axis then along the X axis.

    To finalize the shape of the leg and make the chair more stable, we are going to collapse the middle of its leg down to its foot.
  9. Select the four vertices as below:

  10. Click Translation .

  11. Translate the surface down along the Z axis.

    Your stylistic chair is finished !