Modifying the Weight of Vertices or Edges

This task shows you how to adjust the weight applied to edges or vertices in order to attract the surface by the mesh.

Open the ModifySurface5.CATPart document.

  Here is the initial shape:

  1. Click Modification .

  2. Click Attraction .

    Two icons appear in the toolbar, letting you:
    • define sharp attributes of the selected edge (value indicated with a minus sign) that are discontinuous in tangency and curvature
    •  define smooth attributes of the selected edge that are continuous in tangency and curvature
    These options are not available if you select vertices.
    If an edge or a vertex already has a weight value, the look of the edge or the vertex is different from the other edges or vertices: the edge is thicker, the line is not dotted, and the vertex is represented by a bigger circle.
  3. Select the element to modify.

    The value of the weight, comprised between 0 and 100, is displayed on the right of the screen.

  4. Hold the left mouse-button and move the mouse to reach the desired value.

  5. Release the left-mouse button when you are satisfied with the new position of the surface.

    Weight on edges using the sharp mode
    Weight on edges using the smooth mode
    Weight on vertices
  • If you select edges with different weights, the slider value corresponds to the average weight of the selected edges. If you modify the mode (smooth or sharp), the average weight is applied to all the selected edges.
  • An interactive zone is defined around the cursor. When you are in this zone, the pointer position allows to preview the value which is highlighted. A click moves the cursor to highlighted position.

  • Click and move the pointer in the interactive zone, so that the cursor moves on the slider highlighting the value.

  • Pointer when moved on the slider highlights the value. A click would move the cursor to the highlighted value on the slider.

  • When the cursor is on a value, the value is displayed with more thickness than others to identify.

  • The slider can be customized using the anchor point circle at the lower end of the slider. Drag this point across the screen. The preview of the location where the slider can be dropped is displayed. The slider automatically changes its shape according to its position horizontal, vertical or corner.

  • The slider can be scaled using the resizing manipulator on top.