Creating The Main Shape Of The Chair

This task shows you how to create the main basic shape of the chair first using a subdivision surface, in our case a sphere.
A subdivision surface is a skin made of an elementary surface that can be closed or open. The definition and the control of the shape is done using a mesh that is made of four-sided faces.
A .CATPart document must be open.
  1. Click Sphere .

    The surface (identified as Subdivision Surface.x) is added to the specification tree.
    It is displayed at the center of the screen and its size is a ratio of the window size.
  2. Click Faces Cutting .

  3. Select the surface to be cut.

  4. Click Modificqtion .

    A Tools Palette is displayed.
  5. Click Translation and Face Selection .

  6. Translate the surface down along the Z axis.

  7. Click Vertex Selection .

  8. Select the two vertices by pressing Ctrl (see picture below),

  9. Translate the surface up along the Z axis.

  10. Perform the same operation with two other vertices:

    The basic shape of the chair is now ready.
    Let's move to the next step and create the leg of the chair.