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This section presents the tools and commands which are available in the Imagine and Shape workbench.
Many other operations are documented in the Infrastructure User's Guide.

Start File Edit View Insert Tools Window Help


The File menu lets you perform file creation, opening saving, printing operations


The Edit menu lets you manipulate selected objects. Refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide and Part Design User's Guide.


The View menu lets you view document contents. Refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.


The Insert menu lets you insert Image and Shape's elements.

  For... See...
Geometrical Set... Managing Geometrical Sets
Ordered Geometrical Set... Managing Ordered Geometrical Sets
IMA - Sketch Curve Creating a Curve
Open Primitives Insert > Open Primitives
Closed Primitives Insert > Closed Primitives
IMA - Number of Sections Adding Sections to A Closed Primitive or Adding Sections to An Open Primitive
IMA - Modification Manipulating and Deforming Surfaces
IMA - Multi Selection Selecting Multiple Surfaces
Styling Surfaces Insert > Styling Surfaces
IMA - Link Associating a Curve to a Surface
IMA - Symmetry Performing A Symmetry
IMA - Working Zone Defining The Working Zone
IMA - View and Selection mode Selecting Visible Elements
IMA - Control of Dimension Dimensioning Subdivisions

Insert > Opened Primitives

For... See...
IMA - Rectangle Creating a Rectangular Surface
IMA - Circle Creating a Circle
IMA - Triangle Creating a Triangle
IMA - Ring Creating a Ring

Insert > Closed Primitives

  For... See...
IMA - Sphere Creating a Sphere
IMA - Cylinder Creating a Cylinder
IMA - Box Creating a Box
IMA - Pyramid Creating a Pyramid
IMA - Torus Creating a Torus

Insert > Styling Surfaces

  For... See...
IMA - Extrusion Extruding Faces and Edges
IMA - Face Cutting Cutting Faces
IMA - Face Subdivision Subdividing Faces
IMA - Face Erasing Erasing Faces


The Window  menu lets you arrange document windows in relation one to the other. Refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.


The Help menu lets you get help on the currently active command, and the product in general. Refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.